How do I properly affix my YOUNiiK styling skin?
Nothing could be easier than affixing a YOUNiiK styling skin on your electronic device.
Simply follow the instructions coming wiht your YOUNiiK or watch our short demo video.

Is it easy to remove a YOUNiiK styling skin?
We use exclusively high quality materials (i.e. 3M) which can easily be removed without leaving any residues. All materials used are compliant to the EU REACH regulations.
Can bubbles occur when affixing a YOUNiiK styling skin?
The skin is specially designed to prevent formation of bubbles when being applied.
Due to the 3M-Controltac-technology, any eventual arising air bubble can simply be sleeked out without piercing the skin.
What's the life period of a YOUNiiK styling skin?
Under standard using conditions, a minimum durability of two years can be assumed.
In order to prevent colour fade, we preserve YOUNiiK stling skins by a special laminate after the printing process.
How often do you publish new designs?
We are trying very hard to offer you permanently new and exciting designs with a great variety.

Just pass by regularly and check what’s new!
What can I do if my device is not available in your selection?
We are continually expanding our portfolio. If you can’t find your device in our list, please send an e-mail with the details of your device to We will keep you posted.

Can I order a YOUNiiK also for other objects than the offered electronic devices?
There is no limit to your imagination as for what items a YOUNiiK could be used. Simply send us an e-mail to and we will try hard to meet your expectations.
What payment methods do you offer?
The following payment options are available:

  1. Payment via PayPal
    Use your PayPal account for a fast and easy payment.

  2. Payment by bank transfer.
    Transfer the amount payable to the following account and indicate your order number as reason for payment:

    Account holder: 4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH
    Account number: 690378062
    Bank identification code: 55190000
    Bank name: Mainzer Volksbank eG
    IBAN: DE46 5519 0000 0690 3780 62

  3. Payment by credit card.
    Secure and easy payment with Visa or MasterCard.

  4. payment via Direct Bank Transfer (Sofortüberweisung).¶
    Paying easy, fast and safe via your online bank account.

What about delivery times?
Delivery time usually takes 3-5 working days (as of payment receipt, your YOUNiiK is ready for shipping within 36 hours), except TV-skins. Delivery times for tv-skins is 5-7 working days.
What do you charge for shipping and delivery?
Order processing, payment and shipping are handled by 4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH. is a service of 4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH. General Terms and Conditions of 4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH will apply to users of this website.

Shipping charges for Germany and EU-countries:
Euro 2,95 for skins for mobile phones, MP3-player, Glucotel, € 3,95 for skins for netbooks, handheld consoles, bumper sticker, external HDs and tablet PCs, € 4,95 for notebooks and gaming consoles, Euro 5,90 for PC-skins, € 6,50 for TV-skins.
Can I buy electronic devices on this website?
The devices shown here are not sold in this shop. The illustrations of electronics are solely to assist you for choosing the correct YOUNiiK styling skin.

The prices shown relate to the YOUNiiK styling skins produced by 4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH.
Can I also affix the YOUNiiK to device surfaces with previous damages?
Of course it’s possible to affix a YOUNiiK to surfaces already showing fairly significant signs of wear and tear (e.g. scratches, damaged lacquer). However, removing the film from such a surface could result in bits of enamel remaining on the film as underneath the damaged lacquer humidity could have infiltrated.

Therefore, the surface is affected already a lot more than to be seen on first glance. These parts of lacquer are only clinging loosely to the device’s surface. Thus, they could get caught by the film when you try to remove the YOUNiiK styling skin.

However, you can minimize or completely avoid this effect by warming up the film prior to removing it (use a hairdryer for best results).