RIGHT OF REVOCATION (Widerrufsrecht)

The customer is entitled to a special revocation right and right of return for orders in the mail-order business, within a 7 days period after delivery. The revocation does not require a reason. However, it must take place in writing (e.g. by letter, fax or e-mail), or by returning the goods. The respite begins with receipt of this declaration in text form, but not before receipt of the goods by the customer and also not before fullfillment of our duty to inform. To protect this period, on time sending of the revocation or goods to the following address is sufficient:

4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH,
Robert-Koch-Str. 50,
55129 Mainz, Germany


In case of an effective revocation, the goods and services already received have to be returned and any advantages derived from them have to be handed over. In case you are completely or partially unable to return the goods and services received or you can return it only in a declined condition, you might have to grant us indemnity for that loss. This shall not apply to the surrender of goods if deterioration of goods exclusively results from their inspection, as it would have been possible in a shop. For the rest, you can avoid indemnity for loss by not using the goods like your own belongings und to refrain from anything which could impair its value.

You have to bear the costs for the return shipment in case the goods received correspond to the goods ordered and the value of the item returned does not exceed the amount of EUR 40,00 or, in case of a higher price of the item, you did not yet render the equivalent or a contractual instalment at the time of revocation. Otherwise, return shipment will be free of charge for you. Any obligations necessary to obtain a refund must be fulfilled within a 30 days period starting with dispatch of your revocation.

The Right of Revocation does not exist for the delivery of such YOUNiiK foils designed by the customer by using the function ''individual design’’ as such a product is produced solely according to the customer’s specifications using data delivered by the customer and therefore it is not reusable for 4TRONYX Entertainment GmbH.